Drug Dealers Don’t Care – Do you?

We recently completed in a collaboration with Crimestoppers, the Public Health Agency, PCSP and Belfast City Council (quite a sea of faces!) to produce a range of online video and offline marketing materials. We had initially been involved in helping storyboard the pitch for our clients at the PHA and it then grew into the full production of video and offline print. This covered bus advertising and bus stop prints along with telephone boxes. Our online ads were shown all over facebook pages in N.Ireland, ITV player and 4OD with youtube ads too. There was a lot to produce in a short time period, with this in mind we had a production setup created and cast our actors quickly.

There were a lot of moving parts with the filming as it required a lot of shots in different locations all over Co. Antrim. We took stills for the offline print and filmed in tandem, then edited the video with our client from the City Council with us for the day. We created two 1 minute viral videos and then moved on to make the 45 second TV ads. The main challenge was telling 3 stories in 45 seconds. The brief was to cover polydrug misuse, enforcement and a community aspect on how drugs affect everyone.

Once the videos were produced we then created the radio ads that were played on all our radio stations in Northern Ireland. The ad was also used on spotify and we have had great feeback on the work.

It was a roller-coaster of work, pulling in late nights and early starts to get it live, working with clearcast and scriptcentral to approve the ads for national broadcast. This took the longest part of the production as it requires a lot of paper work to get everything passed. But we got there in the end and the whole production is now live and on the streets!

Below is a few shots of our behind the scenes and the final videos.

The final videos:

kenny faster from Creativ3 on Vimeo.