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I was amazed by the stats on this social media video, I have been in Business now a long time now and I have always communicated in the normal cold calling and telephone format, this was how we done Business. But everything has changed since the arrival of social media, what I have noticed over the last 18 months is that the over 40 brigade have been caught out, we where just coming to terms with sending emails and now Social media “what”. Over the last year I have been on a campaign to educate my peers to embrace the latest trend and move with the times. Sadly this has fallen on deaf ears, and now I am watching people I have done Business with for years start to struggle to compete with the late 20’s and  the 30 somethings that are making in roads into their customer base.

Our call as a company is to assist and support companies and then take them to the next level in their visibility in the market place. My advice to a Business owner just last week was “do not avoid this” or you may not be in Business this time next year.

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