Music video shoot at galgorm

Creativ3 were hired to create a promotional package for a producer who was marketing a new band. They needed a new web presence and video demo to show what the band sounds like and show off their look. The guys are a mix of mumford and sons with a bit of romantic thrown in for good measure. Currently, they tour in N.Ireland and travel all over doing gigs.

We were on a tight timeline to create the music video and the total shoot was completed in a few hours as the hotel we were shooting in was still operating and we had to nail in the shots quickly. We ran two camera units, with crane shots, steady cam and dolly track shots covering the music from various angles.


The interesting thing of the day for us was shooting a little RAW video – currently it is a very elaborate and memory hungry task but we feel in the future this will be the standard for shooting. It gives us total exposure and grade flexibility that we cant normally get off 8bit footage from DSLR video. We plan to use this more and offer it as a bolt on to our video service – but for now it is a fantastic future for video and somewhere we want to be working in as a company.




We had the use of Alan McCracken to direct and create the video side of the PR package, Alan is a dedicated writer / director and works along side us at the studio creating new and exciting video content and more… expect a lot more video productions from our busy little studio in the near future now that we have even more help and expertise in creating productions that are cinema quality and story driven.

Times are great for Northern Ireland video production and at Creativ3 we are excited to be a part of it. Should you or your company be in the market for a creative shoot, we would love to hear from you. 

We plan to have by the end of the month a new showreel to demo out the new wonderful work we are producing 😉